We are four hunters with different skillsets but with one common passion - hunting and nature! 

Based on our strengths in weapons design, material knowledge and machining we have decided to create suppressors that we would love to use and yes, we do it every day. 

From the beginning fellow hunters loved our HQS suppressors and were interested to have one so we have decided to make them available for other hunters. Not just because of their amazing sound suppression but also for their precise accuracy, our range of suppressors became very popular very quickly in our home country and we have decided to introduce them to you. 

May your bullets fly true! 


We are family owned group of companies located in Bulgaria. The original factory has a rich history and was established in 1961 by the government. In 1998 the current owner has bought the factory and grew the company to it current size, introducing new products and reaching new markets and customers.

The group consists of 3 companies:

- BMBG is producing counterweights for agricultural and heavy lifting industries 

- Alumina Trimex is die-casting and machining parts for the military Industry

- Bamex-98 is machining steel and cast iron parts for the military industry and producing HQS suppressors

Overall in our 3 factories we employ 300 people. Our technical capabilities are:

- 90 CNC machines from latest generation

- Fully automated electrolytic anodising 

- Full range of testing equipment:

• Chemical composition
• Shaping and core mixture
• Mechanical tests
• Metallographic tests
• Hydraulic testing 
• Magnetic detection of defects 
• CMM – dimension control 
• Rockwell & Brinell hardness testing 
• Tensile strength testing 

Bamex has been certified according to the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015.