We design and manufacture
suppressors with high shooting accuracy and high suppression. 
Our range of suppressors covers all different needs a hunter can have. From Hunter and Slim for the classical hunting calibers to the Special family covering all Magnum calibers. Our Impact suppressor is suitable for front barrel mounts and semi-automatic weapons and Special Impact for maximum suppression of 41 dB and above. Last but not least HQS RF is specifically designed for Rim fire rifles.
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Suppressor HQS Hunter X
Suppressor HQS Slim X
Hunter X and Slim X are our brand new models for 2024. We took the most popular models Hunter and Slim and we packed them with our newly created special material - “X-foam”. X-foam is a casted alloy and we are the only company on the market offering this innovative material. By adding only 80 grams to the weight we increase the performance of the suppressors with 5 dB to the total of 42+ dB and 35dB+. This makes Hunter X and Slim X the best performers on the market.